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LVN to RN programs in Texas

All About LVN To RN Program Texas

If you are planning to become a professional nurse, there are two options that you could choose from – RN or registered nurse and LVN or licensed vocational nurse. While both these professionals play a vital part in inpatient care, there are many differences between the two careers. This article provides information on LVN to RN program Texas.

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Even though an LVN and RN will have similar duties in caring for patients, there are certain differences in the scope of practice. In fact, RNs can work independently in most of the situations where an LVN should work with an RN or physician at all times. LVNs provide basic nursing care such as administer basic nursing care, monitor the health of the patient, report the status of the patient to a physician or registered nurse, and keep records of the patient’s health on a regular basis. Their duties can vary depending on the work setting. But these are the basic duties assigned to an LVN.

On the other hand, a registered nurse will coordinate patient care, educate them on various health conditions, and offer emotional support to the patient as well as his or her family members. The typical duties of an RN include record the symptoms & medical histories of his/her patients, observe the patient, operate medical equipment, performing diagnostic tests & assisting in analyzing their results.

LVNs should complete at least a one-year program to become an LVN. They should have a license to perform their duties. The program involves the classroom training part and clinical practice in a hospital setting. On the other hand, a registered nurse has three options in becoming a registered nurse. He or she can obtain a diploma from an approved nursing program, Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), or an Associate of Applied Science in Registered Nursing (ASN). They also should have a valid license just like an LVN.

There are many LVN and RN programs in Texas. Make sure you enroll in a state-approved RN or LVN program to become a registered nurse or licensed vocational nurse. An LVN can advance to an RN career once he or she completes a bridge-nursing course. Most of these professional work in nursing facilities, hospitals, and physician’s offices.

The aforementioned article provides information on LVN to RN program Texas. You can easily decide on the best program once you have found the right program in Texas.