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May 2024

Nursing Specialties That Have Grown Due To COVID19


Covid19 has transformed various operations in recent years.

As the world adapts to the changes, the healthcare industry has also had to adapt fast. Some studies suggest that the pandemic has created Covid19 nursing jobs for both experienced and student nurses. Pandemic-related changes in the industry vary from one state to the other.

Find out some of the specialties that have recently developed.

How will COVID-19 transform the future of nursing?

The prevailing pandemic will transform the future of nursing in various ways, which include:
Increased public awareness about poor nurse safety Nurses has had to work under unsafe conditions during the pandemic without proper PPE (personal protective equipment) for protection. Unpreparedness and the lack of PPEs is a common problem in various healthcare facilities across the world.

However, hospital administrators are now listening to calls from the public and nursing industry to provide PPEs to guarantee safety. Some nurses hold press conferences and protection across the US to bring issues they’re struggling with to the limelight.

Nurses are finding strategies to practice without interacting with patients directly
The emergence of Covid-19 could be all that nurses need to try other non-hospital-based nursing roles. These roles include medical writing, aesthetics nursing, legal nurse consultant, home healthcare, or insurance case manager registered nurse. Some nurses may consider launching a nurse-operated business.

Some nurses are discovering their passion for direct patient care

From experiences that the pandemic triggered, some nurses have realized their passion for providing direct patient care. Watching the devastating effects of the pandemic has motivated them to increase their clinical expertise to get placement in ICU units and the emergency room. A global pandemic convinces everyone, including nurses, to re-assess their professional and personal lives.

Specialties that have grown due to COVID19

Here are some of the rising Covid19 nursing jobs available today.

Intensive care unit (ICU) Jobs

Critical care facilities that required extra nurses at the onset of the pandemic and those experiencing increased patient load are located in various areas. Covid-19 cases keep fluctuating in the USA, which means the demand for ICU nurses has been increasing exponentially.

Increased need for Telehealth and Privacy Concerns

The demand for telehealth services increased sharply in 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic. However, it triggered privacy and security concerns for health care providers. Nurses offering care services through telehealth understand the regulations of HIPAA and informed approval.

According to Bonnie Fuller, a verified nurse educator, “Every nurse should obtain a patient’s consent before engaging in telehealth services. That consent should include the steps to take in the event of a technology failure during the appointment.”

While conforming with HIPAA is crucial, the continued telehealth expansion has made it more widespread. Nurses must use a secure platform when discussing sensitive issues. The need for the security and privacy of protected health data is a trend that will continue evolving in the future.

Covid-19 caregivers

There is a rising demand for caregivers to Covid-19 patients in the US. However, potential candidates are exercising caution to ensure they do not risk their lives while serving others.
Covid-19 caregivers earn up to $25 per hour. To qualify, you may need certification and training.

Covid-19 testers

People in this position perform oral and nasal Covid-19 swab tests at testing centers, nursing homes, hospitals, offices, and sometimes in private residences. The average hourly rate for people working in this position is $20-$45 based on qualifications. Experts say that certified nurse assistants and RNs will fill many of these Covid19 nursing jobs.

Individuals will need some experience to qualify, but anyone wishing to gain new experience is willing to apply. Various employers like universities, hospitals, and public-sector agencies are employing Covid-19 testers. While these jobs are likely to become full or part-time, workers risk contracting Covid-19. To be on the safe side, they will need to wear PPEs and follow other laid down protection guidelines.

Emergency room openings

In places experiencing high infections and hospitalizations, emergency room nurses must offer support to emergency trauma victims and Covid-19 patients.

Telemetry and medical-surgical nurses

Currently, many healthcare facilities want telemetry and medical-surgical nurses to possess cross-functional expertise in the field. These specialties are currently on the rise even as numerous patients recover from acute Covid-19 disease.


Nurses play a critical role in the healthcare industry as the world adapts to the pandemic. More nursing specialties to help manage its effects will continue rising.