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Ranking The Best Nursing Simulation Games in 2021

Simulation games come in handy in nursing education to pass information and encourage problem-solving. The best nursing simulation games in 2021 focusing on either practical or cognitive knowledge are new but critical in nursing education. For an effective simulation game teaching strategy, there should be relevance between instructional goals and the game.

How can nurses improve simulation?

Here are strategies you can use to enhance the simulation experience. Nursing students can leverage the strategies to practice their theoretical knowledge and boost their skills. In the end, they’ll be better prepared to venture into the workforce.

Offer Faculty Training

Due to instructor’s scheduling and space costs, clinical education occurs in groups, with numerous healthcare practices occurring within a team setting. The best nursing simulation games in 2021 promote communication, recurrent practice opportunities, and teamwork skills required to operate within the healthcare environment. For this to take place, an excellent lab instructor should be present. Staff should receive training to understand how to use the simulation technology, making the process quite extensive.

Design a Rubric

Many students struggle to come to terms with the fact that simulation is unreal. While some master simulation without struggling, they have problems understanding real-world applications when dealing with actual patients. To ensure students are liable for their actions during simulations, consider designing rubrics. The curriculum and simulation should be closely related. Rubrics facilitate course integration ideas during simulations.

An adequately designed rubric should define anticipated learning results and guide students to envision and review relevant class materials in advance. Doing so creates a link between theoretical skills and practices, enabling students to see the importance of instruction.

Convene a debriefing session

After completing the simulation, consider combining it. Attentive learning takes place during the debriefing phase, enabling learners to acquire new insights. Student nurses can determine the simulation’s efficiency level by analyzing the process and establishing negative and positive components.

Doing that allows student nurses to learn from the mistakes they make and improve over time. While nursing can be a challenging career, the best gift students nurses can acquire is unique skills and the willingness to succeed.

Best nursing simulation games in 2021

Here are nursing simulation games you may want to try.

Full Code

In Full Code, users play the role of a nurse, somewhat controlling the doctor’s actions. Should an emergency occur, you’ll need to be on the site to rescue victims and offer first aid before sending them to the nearest health facility. The main challenge you’ll face here is formulating all services in case of a massive disaster.

Delays or wrong decisions can cause fatalities. Developers of this game succeeded in displaying the controversy of real rescue applications. What differentiates the actions on screen is the capacity to adhere to your team’s actions. This is one of the best nursing simulation games in 2021 under time management. You can use it in various hospital settings.

Hospital Simulator

This game features eccentric humor and funny yet straightforward graphics, and a detailed hospital management model. Players are absorbed in purchasing equipment, placing rooms, and hiring all personnel, including surgeons and janitors. Should an emergency occur, he can eliminate annoying patients and inadequate doctors.

This game is ideal for young interns in the clinic who will meet patients and give them everything they require, such as medication. Players strive to prevent unnecessary queues and other undesirable situations.

Nursing Sim

This is a realistic simulator that involves the application of clearly ordinary operations in varying environments. However, the applications aren’t as simple as they look. This game’s primary concept and intricacy are that you’ll need to manage the game (the brush and each of the game’s fingers).

Even with a simple synopsis, managing “nurse” can be a complex idea nearly impossible to execute. Learning in this game starts with interacting with common subjects like a pen, tablet, or computer mouse.

Dream hospital

This is among the best nursing simulation games in 2021 for hospitals. It comes in comes ina funny-looking isometric plasticine design. Players will get numerous adaptable hospital management options, random roles, and fun competitions with other clinics. New and fun content is also available.


Simulation games can inspire students to learn science, increase their critical science ideas, promote different learning goals, and enhance their science process expertise.