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Student Loan Forgiveness Programs For LPNs

LPN students qualify for a $2,500 Service Cancelable Loan.

Associates, diploma, graduate, and bachelor’s students qualify for $5,000.

Nurses working for the government or nonprofit organizations could qualify for student loan forgiveness programs for LPNs.

You don’t need to be a specialized nurse to qualify. What qualifies you for the program is your employer and not your role.

How long does it take a nurse to pay off student loans?

Nursing school is not cheap, but you can pay it off through the Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program if your debt surpasses six figures. This program conforms with various government plans that absolve student loan debt in place of a particular duration of service in the student’s preferred field.

Members of the Nurse Corps Loan repayment program should work in a rural or poor community to acquire the benefit. While this plan requires two years of work, it offers numerous benefits to people who maintain employment for three years.

At the lapse of two years, 60% of the program will settle off the remaining student loan. Remaining for the third year earns you an additional 25% pay off depending on the initial balance. Only registered nurses are eligible for this program.

Student Loan Forgiveness Programs For LPNs

Becoming a nurse in the US can be a costly affair, with the Federal Reserve saying that in 2019, nearly half of the students acquired some type of loan to pursue higher education. Nearly 20% of the same students lagged in submitting their payments in 2020.

The volume of debt students acquires to get their nursing degree differs broadly depending on their degree of choice and the school they attend. Some studies established that,
Associate Degree in nursing students acquires approximately $20,000 in debt, while Bachelor of Science in Nursing students take up to $23,711.

Master’s education in nursing students acquires more than $47,000. However, numerous student loan forgiveness programs for LPNs are available. Nurses that qualify for these programs should consider applying. These programs include:


This scholarship program is available to USA citizens willing to get employment in a suitable CSF (critical shortage facility) after graduation. A CSF is an organization that needs nurses desperately. The Nurse Corps scholarship offers financial support for tuition fees, uniforms, textbooks, monthly allowance, and clinical supplies. To qualify, students must be enrolled in or accepted in a certified nursing degree program in a legitimate US school before September 30 of the relevant year.

Public service loan forgiveness program

This program offers the remaining difference of all federal loans once the debtor has completed at least 120 designated monthly payments while employed full-time for an authorized employer.

After repaying the loan for ten years, you get the opportunity of having your remaining student loans absolved. A qualifying or authorized employer, in this case, is a government organization, a tax-exempt non-profit organization under the Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3), Nontax exempt not for profit organizations, or Peace Corps or AmeriCorps.

Remember, for these student loan forgiveness programs for LPNs, the healthcare system owner must be non-profit. Sometimes hospitals are non-profit or operate a less privileged populace but are owned by larger for-profit organizations.

National Health Service Corps loan repayment program

This program is ideal for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses such as verified nurse-midwives and nurse practitioners. NHSC loan repayment program provides loan forgiveness to authorized primary care clinicians who work a minimum of two years in HPSA (health professional shortage area).

You should be a US citizen, a service provider in the State Children’s Health Insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare programs to qualify for the program. Further, you must be a trained and certified health professional in a relevant field such as dental care, mental health, or primary medical care.

Military Student Loan Forgiveness for Nurses

A famous military student loan forgiveness program is the Army Active Duty Health Professions Loan Repayment Program. APRNs and RNs qualify for this program. You can enlist in the Army to qualify for approximately $120,000 loan repayment.

You’ll be required to serve in the Army for at least three years. This program lasts three years, meaning you’ll receive $40,000 per year. To qualify for this program, you have to be a permanent resident or citizen of the US, meet the moral and physical standards of the Army, have a legitimate RN license, and be between 21 and 52 years of age.

Contrary to popular belief, student loans don’t disappear after seven years. However, if it’s been 7.5 since you last paid your installment, responsible parties can remove the loan from your credit report. Remember, you’ll still be liable for settling your loans.