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Finding the Right Travel Nurse Job Openings

Travelers who live near a major city will often receive higher pay packages.

Make sure you have done your homework. Travel nurses are employed by several travel agencies in the United States. Their primary duty is to care for travelers after they land in the United States. They work long hours and earn a reasonable salary. A travel nurse may work for a number of agencies, but the best paying agencies are run by large corporations that can afford to pay high salaries. Travel agencies recruit newly registered nurses who have passed all required national and state examinations and have a legitimate source of income.

Finding the Right Travel Nurse Job Openings

The US Department of State hires travelers for their health care needs through visa mills. These visa employees are usually overstocked and have to be hired by the US Department of State. The visa mill system is organized to allow employers to hire overstocked workers without paying extra money or taking up any legal action against the worker. The travelers are sent to one of the Department of State’s consular postings where they work for a pay rate much below the normal market rate. Travelers can also find employment through highway hypodermics, long-term care, hospital delivery, ambulance services, and hospitals in the cities.

The Federal Railroad Commission (FRC) hires workers from foreign countries on temporary contracts. Many agencies prefer sending workers from Latin America, India, and Africa to the United States because these people speak English and they are accustomed to working in strange cultures. These workers speak little or no English and many agencies provide interpreters to help travelers communicate. When a contract employee leaves the agency, many agencies will try to re-form the same arrangement.

Agency workers usually make less than the local, national rate, but they make more than the local state or county rate. Monthly wages vary depending on location, hours worked, and experience. Some nurses start at as little as $13 an hour, but others make much more than that. Travelers who live near a major city will often receive higher pay packages. Other travelers, who live in small rural communities, will receive lower pay packages.

Recruiters are likely to try to match the package they offer to the needs of the applicant. Most agencies require potential employees to undergo drug screenings and background checks. Applicants should be prepared to submit proof of immunization for flu and Hepatitis before they start the recruiting process. Many agencies require applicants to have letters of reference, but some only need resumes and contact information.

As long as you are determined, hardworking, and talented, then you can never go wrong in your choice in this profession. Individuals interested in pursuing this career should ensure they have earned a high school diploma, or at least a GED, as this is required for entrance into most colleges. Apply the tips to your profession and you should be able to see an increase in pay. Once you clear this test then you will be able to gain admission and start your career as a nurse aide in the near future.


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