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How To Get Your Six Month LPN Program Off The Ground

Some LPN programs do not require you to have such clinical supplies covered.

Make sure you have done your homework. Looking to go to a University to get an RN degree but don’t have the money for a six month LPN program? Well there are ways to reduce the cost of a six-month program to obtain your Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree in Ohio. There is a program in OH provided by the University of Bridgepoint and The Ohio State University system that offer a great six-month RN program. These programs will help you on your way to your new career! The average cost for six months of pre-med nursing school at a traditional university is approximately $4,085. If you pay that much for your nursing program, you will complete your course in less than 7 months. However, the time it takes to get a practical nurse trained also decreases with every additional month of school paid for.

How To Get Your Six Month LPN Program Off The Ground

In order to qualify for financial assistance from the state of Ohio, in order to register for a nursing program in OH you must have an active student insurance policy. This insurance policy will help cover the cost of lab fees, board and lodging, books, and supplies. However, you need to have coverage for lab fees AND other clinical supplies. Some LPN programs do not require you to have such clinical supplies covered. Be sure to check with your program’s requirements prior to signing up.

If your life and work location aren’t conducive to living in Ohio, consider sending out an application for FAFSA loans to help cover the cost of tuition for your future LPN program in Ohio. You may qualify for state money to pay for living expenses while attending school in OH. Even if you live outside of the state, applying for federal student loans would be a good idea to help defray the cost of tuition. Just make sure to compare interest rates and repayment options to ensure you get the best deal on these loans.

Once you have completed the 6 month LPN program in Ohio, you will need to find a job in this state that is open and in demand. Jobs in this area are plentiful, but there are high costs of living. This will help you establish a steady income that can help you pay for your training and certification. There are many nursing jobs available in OH and you should easily be able to find one that meets your experience and skill level. As you network and gain experience, you will be able to land entry-level nursing positions and increase your pay.

Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance from career counselors to help you find the right job in OH. It should be easy to complete your 6 month LPN training in Ohio. You will receive a diploma from the program after completing all your coursework, and you will have the necessary work experience to allow you to take the licensing exam in your state. With the certification from your program, you should have no problem finding a job in Ohio.

Some areas require two years of experience in a field that encompasses the tested area; others only require a year of experience. Job seekers can search job boards by keywords plus the country where they would like to work. When you have a little bit of information about the agencies and you are comfortable with the starting salaries, you are ready to start searching. You can work at any time of the day and night.


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